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All DPDP base antenna products are made right here in the US by us. And when we say "made", we don't mean simply designed by us, then outsourced for manufacturing to China or some other country... We mean that they're physically made here, by us. Some of our mobile product components do come from foreign sources though. Unfortunately, for some parts (like the ones used in the mobile products) it's almost impossible to produce those in the US without losing money at this point.

We don't want to simply create products for the sake of making sales... We want to create products that we are interested in ourselves! Rather than just trying to copy the same old products that have been offered by others for decades, we try to think outside the box and develop fresh new ideas.

DPDP products are only offered online at this time. This helps lower costs by dealing directly to the public. All DPDP products can be purchased directly through this web site.

If you have any inquires regarding the purchase of DPDP products, using methods other than this web site, please email us at: This would include requesting information for paying by check or money order. We also welcome technical questions, or suggestions on what sort of products you'd like to see offered in the future. Unlike many larger companies, you'll actually receive an answer.

Take some time to look around the site. You'll find a lot more than just products for sale... There's other fun stuff like photo galleries for aircraft, trains, railroad radio equipment and boats. There's also pages that list railroad and other frequencies. There's even a railroad radio terminology glossary.


Please note... Virtually all technical questions and quotes are handled by one person, so he's a busy guy! Please try and use email for contact, if at all possible. Technical questions are much easier to reply to that way, and you'll probably get an answer faster than calling. FYI... Credit cards can of course be used through the site, but we cannot process card info over the phone at this time. International shipping can be calculated manually and sent to the customer as an electronic invoice, and paid with PayPal or any major card. Thanks!

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